Eyebrow Transplant

Various methods are used to make eyebrows appear fuller. Some of the methods are make-up and tattoos. However, these methods are not natural and therefore an eyebrow transplant can be a method to consider.

Donor hairs are extracted from behind your head using any of two techniques. It can be extracted using either the FUG or the FUE technique. The technique to be used is chosen by your doctor depending on your hair style, concerns, goals, and ethnicity.

Under a microscope, grafts are prepared and then recipient sites are made so as to determine the growth angulation and growth. The grafts are then placed on the recipient sites. Hours later, after the transplant, the eyebrows will be inspected to ensure a satisfactory density and shape. The procedure takes around 4 hours and it is done under sedation.

As a patient, you should expect minimal discomfort in the area. However, you will experience some swelling and bruise around the eyes. Hence, use diuretics to reduce the swelling. You can use sutures around the donor area to minimize the appearance of a scar if the transplant was FUG. The transplanted eyebrows will fall out after two to three weeks and regrow after 4 months.

You can undertake the procedure if you need to cover a scar or if you need to restore you eyebrow fully where you have few. Therefore, the procedure will give you a better look and can be worthwhile to you.