The Safety and Effectiveness of Mens Hair Transplants

Baldness can lead to low confidence and self-esteem to men. In this case, hair transplant comes in handy for those who are not comfortable with their hair loss. Many people have had successful artificial hair transplantation procedures. As a result, many people are encouraged to experiment with this method in their quest to fight baldness.

If you are thinking of hair transplant surgery, it is important to understand how the procedure works. Some hair follicles from the back of your head are extracted and then surgically implanted in the areas where you have lost your hair. The hair from the back of your head is never affected by baldness because it is permanent. The new hair that grows after the transplant is also permanent. There are no risks associated with allergies or marching because you are your own donor. Once your hair has fully regrown, you can cut, shave or style it the way you want.

Most physicians consider hair transplant relatively safe. However, just like most other surgical procedures, it is not completely free from risks. Though minimal, there are some side effects associated with this surgical method. That is why most doctors suggest non-surgical methods of fighting hair loss. Some of these methods include drugs and appropriate diet plan to stimulate the follicles in your bald areas. Hair transplant surgery, therefore, comes as a matter of the last resort. You should always consult experienced and trusted physicians in order to minimize the risks.

Some of the common risks include hemorrhage, infections, shedding of hair, itching, scarring, bleeding, pain, swelling, and numbness. Some of these risks are rare and are only experienced by a smaller percentage of hair transplant patients. Others occur due to inexperienced hands performing the grafting procedure. As such, they can be avoided by simply consulting reputable medical practitioners. If you experience the side effects even after taking all the precautions, it is important to consult cosmetic surgeon without any delays before the problem escalates.

The benefits of hair transplantation outweigh the risks. As mentioned earlier, the procedure does not involve the risk of marching or allergies. Compared to other artificial procedures of hair restoration, hair transplant procedure is far much viable and cost-effective. Your hair grows within nine months, and this makes the procedure relatively fast.